Strategic role of HR in private equity

While many private equity (PE) investors are quite optimistic about the year 2024, the current challenging geopolitical situation, coupled with slow economic activity and tight credit markets, undeniably exerts pressure on the entire industry. This situation intensifies the pressure on PE firms to refine their current investments and maximize their value. According to a research […]

Gen Z employees becoming managers: What can we expect?

Gen Z  is now in the workforce. Organizations must adapt their strategies to effectively attract, retain, and engage this new generation of employees. What is even more important, the “under 30” professionals, so the oldest members of Gen Z and youngest Millennials, are already beginning to hold executive positions. In this article, we explore how […]

Create a resilient culture in times of uncertainty 

Building a culture based on resilience is crucial for any organization looking to thrive in today’s unpredictable and rapidly changing world. In this article, we explore the significance of building a resilient culture and provide valuable insights on how to foster it within your organization. Resilient culture is one where individuals are able to bounce […]

AI for businesses: How to combine technology and human skills

AI for businesses represents a new way to find fresh solutions, improve operations, boost customer satisfaction and outshine competitors. One promising approach is teaming up artificial intelligence (AI) and human skills. This article explains how AI-human teamwork can transform business customs and lead to big achievements. Benefits of AI for businesses  Modern technology and humans […]

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